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Did you know that your title page can have a lasting impact on your overall mark? It is the difference between a good or bad first impression with your teacher.

This video is a step by step guide to APA formatting of a title page. Follow along to create the perfect title page according to the seventh edition of the APA Manual. Once you set up your title page once keep it as a template for the next one! If you want to skip to certain steps use the time stamps below the video (Must use the YouTube video description). Closed captions are accurate.

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Student Title Page Guide

Title Page Setup

Title Case Capitalization

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Video APA Citation

Killam, L. A. [NurseKillam] (2020, January 6). How to create a student title page in APA format 7th edition using Microsoft Word 2019 [Video]. YouTube. https://youtu.be/AoJ6PsoBQ04

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