Improve Marking

When giving students feedback about APA I use this master list of APA comments. It contains comments that I copy/paste into the Word document or comments area inside a learning management system. Creating this master list promotes my efficiency and improves the quality of feedback I give to students. I can personalize the comments but have the links and section references handy.

Please, feel free to make a copy or bookmark the online version. If you choose to use the online version of this document you will see changes as I make them. I plan to add links to good resources as I find or create them. In addition, as I notice other errors in student work I will add comments to the document about those error types.

When I mark I highlight my APA comments in yellow so I can easily skim the document in an effort to try and balance the number of APA and other comments in a way that does not overwhelm the student. I also try to point out as much I can that I like in order to be encouraging. To me, the best way to promote growth is through appreciative inquiry and constructive feedback. A student paper will not have every comment on it that could be on it.

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