There are many books and other resources out there that provide an introduction to APA formatting. At times external resources may not be accurate. As an educator I am “by the book.” Students may choose to use other APA resources, but when it comes to defining the rules of APA Style I look up in the book. The APA textbook is like a rule book. Therefore, I recommend that students use the book whenever they are unsure of something. If there is a difference between my interpretation of APA and theirs the APA book will be used to discuss any disagreements. This book is often found in libraries. Students are not necessarily required to buy the book if they are comfortable using alternate resources. An excellent starting point for understanding APA style beyond just formatting rules can be found in this open textbook.



Helping students understand APA format through videos is one of the goals for my YouTube channel. Here is a link to a playlist of videos that provide an overview of APA format and discuss common APA errors that students make. By request, I plan to continue adding videos to this playlist and hold live Q and A sessions.




The authorities on APA Style have created this tutorial for beginners. If you are new to APA formatting this is a good place to start.



Here is the most recent version of my PowerPoint that I will be using during a live YouTube session.

Apa formatting (Overview and basic formatting) from lkillam


PowerPoint version

Google Slides version


Marking Cheat Sheet

While marking I use this document to ensure consistent and accurate feedback for students. I have set it up so everyone with the link can comment on the document. This document is regularly revised and tweaked. I am in the process of adding page numbers that refer to the APA book and helpful links for students. Please comment if you have any suggestions. If you choose to use the online version of this document you will see changes as I make them. I use the find function (Control F) while marking to locate comments based on key words. Then, it is easy to copy/paste the comment into a comment while marking. I keep them highlighted in yellow so I can easily review them after reading the essay. This way I can focus on essay content first then go back to make a judgement about APA marks after.